Reasons Dust Mites Removal in Calgary is Important

Published: 08th April 2010
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Dust mites are microscopic bugs that like to live in the fibers of normal mattresses. Sometimes called bedbugs, dust mites can cause uncomfortable allergic reactions for many people who unknowingly sleep with them every night. It is important to find a good company for dust mites removal in Calgary. The right hygienic treatments for your mattress can keep dust mites away and help you have a much more restful sleep. Getting rid of dust mites can help you and your family stay healthier and breathe more easily.

Invisible Pests

Since dust mites are so small, they are almost impossible to detect with the naked eye. They create problems when they infest a mattress that is regularly used, though. Dust mites like to eat dead skin cells, which are regularly sloughed off while we sleep. While they are busy eating our dead skin cells, they are also depositing fecal matter and creating a breeding ground for mold. None of those things are healthy for someone to sleep with every night. The best way to get rid of the miniscule parasites is to use a trusted professional mattress cleaning company for dust mites removal in Calgary.

Evidence of Dust Mites

If you're not sure whether you have dust mites or not, there are some common symptoms that usually occur during a dust mite infestation. Someone who sleeps with dust mites regularly may develop sinus problems or a constantly running nose. Your eyes may get puffy and noticeably swollen. When you wake up in the morning, you may not feel very rested, and the exhaustion will continue throughout the day. Dust mite exposure can also cause painful headaches or aching sinuses. Unlike a normal seasonal allergy, these symptoms don't come and go in time - they will persist as long as the dust mites are in the mattress.

Removal Options

A mattress cleaning service will come into your home and completely sanitize your mattress. The cleaning products used are safe and ecologically friendly, and they will leave your mattress feeling and smelling fresh and clean. Dust mites are a regular nuisance in Calgary, so the removal of dust mites in Calgary by a professional service is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy home. Once the mites have been completely removed, you will sleep better at night, and your uncomfortable allergy symptoms will disappear.

Keeping Your Mattress Clean

Between dust mite removals by the professional mattress cleaners, you can keep your mattress clean by regularly changing the bedding and continually airing the mattress. Clean bedding can help keep the dust mites away after the mattress has been sanitized. Unfortunately, dust mites travel through the air and can catch rides on us from simply walking around. That means that there is a good chance the dust mites will return after a while. If you schedule regular mattress cleanings, you will protect your mattresses from becoming infected again, and protect you and your family from the harmful effects of a dust mite invasion.

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